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About Us

The California Respite Association is a membership organization comprised of service providers focused on Respite Care services throughout the state of California. We are a volunteer representative organization that provides advocacy and representation for our members. 

Our Mission

The mission of the California Respite Association (CRA) is to support the expansion and enhancement of respite services to individuals, families, and caregivers of the elderly, persons with developmental and/or physical disabilities, brain impairment, and other disabling conditions. 

Our Purpose

Be a trusted and knowledgeable industry leader partnering with legislators, State departments, advocates and other stakeholders to promote and/or draft favorable policies and legislation which support individuals with IDD and their families and those who serve them.

Promote the value of Respite Care as a foundational and essential service to supporting individuals to live their chosen lives in their familial home and within their own community.

Defend Respite Care from those who attempt to underfund, restrict, limit access, or undermine services to ensure the sustainability of the service and the agencies that provide it.

Advocates for the equitable access to Respite Care for individuals with IDD and their families by addressing disparities and barriers as a community partner.

Provide resources, information, best practices, and a professional network to member organizations that provide Respite Care Services.



4173 MacArthur Blvd
Oakland | CA 94619

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