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Information About Respite for Case Managers

Below are some general FAQ’s surrounding Respite meant to help you as a case manager understand the and make respite referrals!

  • For starters, what is Respite?
  • Respite is used to provide intermittent support to the individual with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) being served by providing supervision and support in and around the home while relieving the primary caregiver. This service ensures that the individual being served can have consistent support from their natural supports, when respite is not being provided, and help them stay in their home and community.
  • What services are covered under respite?
      • While Activities of Daily Living are included, this should not be the sole purpose for authorizing respite. Respite is intended provide support to the individual served while the primary caregiver is able to take a break. This ensures the individual being served can continue to be supported by the natural supports. 
  • How many hours should I authorize?
      • This should be based on your assessment and regional centers policies.  Your supervisor will be able to provide detailed criteria.
  • What should I send the respite vendor when making a referral?
      • To get services started, the vendor needs a face sheet and authorization with the authorization number. Additionally, supporting documents such as the IPP are also helpful to get services started.
      • Vendors will likely need complete and signed admission documents signed by family/conservator prior to first shift.
  • Can the client be transported during respite care?
      • Respite is not intended to be a replacement for a transportation service. Depending on the planning team’s agreement on where respite care can be provided, and the respite agency’s risk management policies and insurance coverage, respite care can be provided away from the home for short periods of time when it can be done safely. Contact your preferred respite provider for more information on their policies.
  • What is the difference between Agency Respite and EOR Respite?
      • Agency Respite is a service provided and coordinated by an Agency. The Respite Caregivers who provide support to the individual have been screened and trained by the agency. These may include individuals referred by a family as well as those recruited directly by the agency. The agency is agency is also available to provide additional oversight and identify a replacement Respite Caregiver for scheduling issues when available.
      • EOR Respite (sometime referred to as Parent Choice Respite) is a service for families who want to manage their Respite services with minimal supports from an agency. The family finds their own Respite Care Provider and refers them to the Respite Vendor. respite vendor will run backgrounds and hire the selected worker so they are on payroll.  The family will train their Respite Care Giver and schedule the respite hours directly with their selected worker.
  • EOR Respite: How long does it take to hire and what do they need?
      • At minimum, CPR certification, two i9 documents, and cleared backgrounds are required for the Respite Caregiver to be hired.  The timeline often depends on how quickly the selected worker completes the vendors hiring documents and how long the background results take. Each Respite Agency will confirm the required documents and timeline.
      • The family selected respite caregivers should not start working until the vendor informs all parties that they are clear to work.
  • Agency Respite: How long will it take to start services?
      • If a Respite Caregiver is available in your location and with an availability that matches the requested schedule, services can start as soon as the vendor’s admission paperwork is completed.   If there is no Respite Caregiver that has the matching availability in the geographic area, the Agency will need to recruit a Respite Caregiver. 


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