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Information About Respite for Clients

Below are some common FAQs about accessing Respite as a client as well as what the service does:

  • What is respite?
  • Respite provides support to your loved on with a developmental disability so you as the Parent or natural support can take a break and continue to care for and support your loved one in the family home when Respite is not being provided.
  • As a Parent or Natural Support, what can I do with this break?
    • You can do anything that you need to! Some examples include:
      • Taking a nap
      • Going to an exercise course of the gym
        • Going Grocery Shopping
        • Going on a date night
          • Doing chores around the house
            • What you need to do to take care of yourself and your family
          • How does the funding for my respite work? Who pays for it?
                • Respite Services are funded through the Regional Center and the service itself is provided through a Respite Agency
          • Is Respite “use it or lose it”
                • While respite is not necessarily “use it or lose it”, if you are consistently not using your respite services, your Case Manager re-evaluate your services or the authorized hourly amount.
          • Do Respite hours roll over from month to month or quarter to quarter?
                • No, Respite hours are only authorized for each period whether it is a monthly or quarterly contract.
                • For example, you have a monthly contract for 30 hours of Respite each month. You only use 25 of your respite hours in March, you will still only have 30 respite hours in April.
          • How are the hours authorized? (ex: monthly, quarterly)
                • The number of hours of Respite you are authorized depends on your needs as determined by your Planning Team/Case Manager and planning team.
          • Where can Respite be provided?
                • Respite can be provided in and around the home. This is based on the determination of your Case Manager and your Care Coordination team.
          • Agency Respite Vs. Employer of Record (EOR or Parent Directed Respite)
                • Agency Respite are respite services that are managed and overseen by an Agency. The Agency recruits, screens and trains your Respite Caregiver and provides additional service coordination such as finding a replacement Respite Caregiver (if available) when there is a scheduling conflict. The Agency can also hire a Respite Caregiver you find and refer for your services.
                • Employer of Record Respite is for individuals who want to do the daily management their own services. In this model, the agency hires a Respite Caregiver that is referred by you and administers payroll for the hours used. The family is responsible for training the Respite Caregiver and managing their services.
          • How much does my Respite Caregiver make?
                • A Respite Caregivers wage is set by each Respite Agency. Contact your local Respite Agency for more information.
          • Does the Regional Center authorize overtime hours?
                • Overtime policies are set be each Respite Agency. Please contact your Respite Agency to see what their overtime policies are.
          • What are the hiring requirements for a Respite Caregiver
                • Respite Caregivers must be eligible to work in the United States and be able to complete an I-9. They must also be able to pass a criminal background check and have a CPR/First Aid Certificate. Some agencies will help the Respite Caregiver obtain a CPR/First Aid Certificate, so please check with your Respite Agency.
          • When can services begin? (ex: authorization start date vs when employee is hired)
                • Services can begin once the following have occurred:
                    • The Regional Center has issued a Purchase of Service Authorization to the Respite Agency
                    • The Client has completed all required intake paperwork for the Respite Agency
                    • A Respite Caregiver has been placed with you, or the Respite Agency has notified you that the referred Respite Caregiver has completed all hiring steps and is authorized to provide services 


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